Digital Pharma West


Pre-Conference Workshops Begin – June 28, 2010

Exploring Digital Marketing Topics from a 360° Perspective (Operations, eMarketing & Brand) with Daiichi Sankyo

John Vieira, Shawn O'Hagan and Tam Ngo will lead an interactive workshop that combines slide presentations, group discussions, Q&A and breakout sessions.

The main topics that will be explored include the following:

TOPIC 1: Mobile Marketing - Is Your Brand Message At Hand?

  • How is mobile changing the practice of medicine and the distribution of brand communications?
  • What new possibilities does changing technology mean for customer engagement?
  • Explore new ways to leverage mobile marketing to interact and engage with your target audience

TOPIC 2: Small Brand, Small Budget? Moving Beyond The Brochure

  • See how a new digital focus is enabling small-population brands to thrive and how the lessons of those brands provide an example for all
  • What can large brands learn from small brands?
  • How can the internet provide a new highly efficient opportunity for small treatment populations?

TOPIC 3: Social Networks and Social Media - Leveraging Relationship Networks for Your Brand

Often termed “thought-leader influence”, or “peer-to-peer promotion”, in many ways pharma has used network influence for years. Advances in network identification technologies and the burgeoning social media scene provide the groundwork for new possibilities in pharmaceutical promotion.

  • Why many organizations have developed influence network maps - yet fail to use this information in a productive way
  • Can a company build “proprietary” networks knowledge and foster competitive advantage? How to go beyond the dinner program and activate peer-to-peer in new ways
  • Learn how to know if your brands are good candidates for leveraging social media and what your organization needs to do to be ready

Workshop Leaders
John Vieira
Director of Marketing Operations

Shawn O'Hagan
Senior Manager, eMarketing

Tan Ngo
Product Manager, Evoxac™ 

Christine Armstrong
VP/Creative Director-Healthcare

Networking and Refreshment Break

Luncheon for Workshop Participants

“How to Keep from Getting into Hot Water over Your Use of Social Media”

In this interactive, half day workshop, we’ll investigate how to help your company launch (or at least work towards launching) Social Media initiatives while mitigating the risk of engaging in this exciting but hard to control form of communication.

Agenda to include:

  • Structuring a Governance Board to encourage careful Social Media planning
  • Developing Policy to protect your brand while encouraging conversation
  • Examples of the latest “Do’s” and “Don’ts” from the industry

Workshop Leaders
Zoe Dunn

Kelly Little
Deputy Director, Global eMarketing

Networking & Refreshment Break

Workshop Concludes

End of Day One


Main Conference Begins – Day One, June 29

Registration for Main Conference

Chairperson’s Welcome

Amy Chafin
Director, Marketing Communications, Global Oncology


Challenges for Chronic Lifetime Diseases and How Synchronized Online and Clinical Specialist Programs Build Patient Adherence

The care and management of patients with chronic illnesses must be followed closely and modified as patients mature and grow. Patient adherence at different stages of life may have less to do with medicine and much more to do with outside relationships and activities. In an attempt to ensure appropriate care, extended life and improved quality of life, relationship marketing can provide the tools to build loyalty.

In this case study, see how:

Clinical specialists are at the front lines talking with health care professionals to help raise adherence levels

The coordinated efforts between eMarketing and sales can be utilized to provide education, answers and support throughout the many stages of living with a chronic disease


Nancy Nazmi
Clinical Specialist (Rotation Leadership Program)
Senior Group Product Manager

GETTING TO THE POINT: How Social Media and Other New Platforms Demand Brevity in Marketing Communications

With the explosion of digital and social media--glossy publications, wordy ads and long sentences are becoming extinct faster than anyone thought. At the same time, Twitter, MySpace and other social media are creating new opportunities for those who can articulate their brand’s essence---in 10 words or less. This session will focus on:

  • Selecting key points relevant for your customer base
  • Building your message with social media in mind
  • Knowing what NOT to do in digital marketing space
  • Getting your point across in the age of short attention spans

Elizabeth Sozanski
Sr. Director, Global Marketing Strategy

Networking & Refreshment Break

Explore How The Digital Dismantling of Traditional Marketing is Impacting Your Entire Communications Strategy

  • What does the continued digital abatement of traditional media mean to ePharma marketers?
  • What factors continue to affect the proliferation of interactive media?
  • How do consumers engage with brands in an increasingly digital world?
  • Is “Fandemonium” the future of the marketing funnel?
    (Fandemonium is a movement or gathering whose intention is to bring together enthusiasts of many different genres of a particular activity)

James Moade
Director of Global Marketing

Engaging Physicians Through Online Social Media

Social networking and social media has become a powerful and nearly universal element in online communication. According to Manhattan Research, 70% of physicians want pharmaceutical firms to engage them on line and 60% of physicians either use or are interested in using physician social networks. Learn how you can get started engaging with physicians online.

  • What are the regulatory guidelines to consider?
  • What works and what does not?
  • Ensure Physician use and interaction through context and content
  • Measure for success in a 2.0 world

Lance Hill

Luncheon for Conference Attendees

Sales 2.0 and Social Media Tracking from a Leading High Tech Executive and Former Pharma Executive

  • How to maximize social media to attract and track conversations that are occurring above the pharma sales funnel
  • Integrating social media tracking with marketing initiatives to cultivate and respond to qualified physicians and stakeholders
  • Using technology advancements to bring sales and marketing organizations together

David Thompson

Panel/Group Discussion
An Up to the Minute Q3 2010 Assessment of What Issues Remain in Pharma’s Use of Social Media

Topics to be Explored Include:

  • Humanizing the interactions and thus increasing trust levels
  • Patient voices online have become advocates and educators
  • Should Pharma think of it as SM Monitoring or Listening, and how the answer can shape the way you relate to your key stakeholders
  • Why it is essential to proceed at your organizational pace
  • Look at specific tools in the social media age, observing how patients, physicians and businesses in all industries use blogs, social networking, twitter, Youtube and other new media tools and develop best practices for their use;
  • People do not live “on label”: why Pharma must adapt to social media and be able to engage even when the conversation does not follow “the plan”
  • Monitoring Adverse Events in Social Media for Pharma’s Biggest Brands: Hopeless Task or Simple Project?

Led by
Amy Chafin
Director, Marketing Communications, Global Oncology


Ryan Berger
Senior Manager, Sensipar Marketing

Laura Pfister
VP, Strategy, Research & Media
Ignite Health, an InVentiv Company

Phil Baumann, RN
Co-Producer; Digital Pharma West
CEO, CAREVOCATE, LLC | Twitter: @philbaumann

Sarah Vogel
Information Research Consultant, Former Information Researcher and Specialist
GENENTECH | Twitter: @sevinfo

Networking & Refreshment Break


Understanding Physician's Behavior Online

The channels to reach physicians continues to evolve. The 2010 Digital Pharma conference has become the leading experimental forum for the industry to explore how technolgy, innovation and social media are changing the way we interact on-line with patients and physicians.

In order to achieve such lofty goals we first must understand physician behavior on-line. Via the use of a proprietary panel-based methodology- not survey methods which can be subject to recall bias- I will utilize and present data captured from the ImpactRx/comScore software solution which passively observes the online behaviors of opt-in U.S. physicians.

This data will enable the audience to truly understand physician's Internet usage patterns, including site visitation measured in both frequency and minutes spent, engagement and search behaviors, and leverage these insights in order to begin to drive marketing and business strategies.

At the conclusion of the presentation the audience will better understand the following:

  • Where physicians spend time online?
  • What are the high value sites that physicians go to?
  • Better understand social media within the physician community.
  • Where higher prescribing physicians are spending their time as compared to a lower prescribing set?
  • What are the search characterstics of physicians? Better yet how they actually search!

Richard Altus
Chief Executive Officer

4:45  Amgen Session-Outline to Be Posted Shortly

Claudio Ludovisi
Marketing Startegic Sourcing

Conclusion of Day One
Cocktail Reception hosted by HealthEd


Day Two, June 30, 2010

Chairperson’s Recap of Day One

Amy Chafin
Director, Marketing Communications, Global Oncology

Analyzing Online Conversations from RA Patients on the Web:  What Social Media Can Teach Us about the Patient Journey

Healthcare consumers are flocking to the social Web to post about their experiences with a given disease and the treatments they hope will help fight it. State-of-the-art search software is available to capture and process these conversations, meaning pharma has access to a wealth of consumer dialogues. Yet ‘listening’ to patients doesn’t mean we’re hearing them. For one month, HealthEd health educators and strategists mined through some of the thousands of conversations about rheumatoid arthritis occurring in the social media. Jeff Greene presents findings from that effort, including implications for brands across every disease category:

  • What is the patient journey and how can it inform communications planning for pharma brands?
  • How can online conversations help us understand the patient journey for a given disease?
  • What are some common barriers to RA treatment, and how did we find them on the Web?
  • How can brands identify knowledge gaps or myths and address them through patient education?

Jeff Greene
Director of Strategic Services, Social Media

Susan Eno Collins,
SVP, Health Education Research and Development

A Step by Step Walk through of What Went into Creating an MS Community, with The Three Core Project Leaders from Acorda Therapeutics

  • MS Community: How we fulfilled our goal to create a place where people can share the power of the Walk MS experience with others
  • Creation of IWalk: Acorda Therapeutics created this website as part of our strong commitment to people with MS and the broader community
  • Aspects of Social Networking put to use through IWalk
  • The Successful Results of IWalk

Erica Wishner
Director Consumer Marketing

Maria Verastegui
Creative Director

Mike Russo
Assistant Director-Marketing Services

Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45  Co-Presentation with  Hi Line Media and Viscira

 Go Where Your Targets Are: Broadcasting Live, Interactive Programs Over the Internet

  • Remember when 35mm slides were the mainstay of presentations?  Rethink PowerPoint and engage your audience with compelling programs
  • Through our partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media we offer Emmy Award winning, streaming video that is the best in the industry and will help you reach your targets wherever they are
  • Our dedicated studio team leverages multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture, and animation to create fully produced shows that are broadcast live over the web to restaurants, personal computers, and the iPhone

This highly interactive, and engaging format offers tremendous value for healthcare professional, sales training and consumer programs

Jayson Dupre
VP Medical Strategy

 Digital Solutions: Maximizing Return on Interactive (ROI)

  • What are some of the top do’s and don'ts in interactive marketing?
  • How to develop new-media programs for greatest impact?
  • What’s next in digital strategy and tactics?

Dave Gulezian
President & CEO


 Listen to a Unique Conversation between Leading HCP Marketers and Two Top MDs/Social Media Activists

  • Why are there so few physicians engaged in the social space?
  • Communicating directly with docs online-What is working and what isn’t?
  • How to walk the delicate line between providing physicians with educational information versus marketing messages 
  • How emerging technology is integrated into the physician workflow and how can pharmaceutical marketers best participate

Led by
Jason Appel
Director, Physician Relationship Marketing

Scott Ellis
Associte Director, New Products

Michael Sevilla MD
Family Physician & Social Media Enthusiast

Bryan Vartabedian (Dr. V) MD FAAP
Attending Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital, (Pediatric Gastroenterology)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine

Dean Sawyer
Executive Vice President



Presentation from QualityHealth

Abstract to be posted soon

Using Social Media at a Small Pharma Company Specializing in Rare Diseases

  • Designing a social media strategy for the brand or disease
  • Integrating the social media strategy into other initiative
  • Learning from social media:
  • Who are you customers? What are your patients/customers saying?

Sandra Shpilberg
Senior Director Marketing
BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC Based in Novato, California.

15 Minute Refreshment and Networking Break


Digital Pharma is leading the way in the industry by incorporating “Unconference” ideas into the framework of the event. The traditional format of having speakers talk “At” the audience for 40 minutes followed by an uninspired, brief Q&A is over. People simply do not communicate that way anymore. Openness, collaboration, free flowing, listening before talking—attendees will learn how to bring these concepts into their communications in both theory and practice—by learning from the best practices of peers and by sharing and listening within this new format. This special concluding session will have the attendees sit around in a circle and have a frank conversation with no pre-planned agenda. What topics will be discussed? We don’t know either…come join us and find out!

Facilitated By:

Blair Hains
Director of Brand Corporate Affairs
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Christine Armstrong
VP/Creative Director-Healthcare

Conference Concludes