3rd KOL Relationship Summit

Sponsors & Exhibitors


81qd, the industry leading data analytics company, derives and transforms health care data into actionable insights. These insights enhance the ability of its pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients to optimize the clinical and commercial potential of their brands and products. Using proprietary breakthrough data analytics and semantic technologies, 81qd identifies key opinion leaders, gauges alignment with a brand’s clinical value proposition, and conducts comprehensive analyses to facilitate critical decision making. 81qd provides a full spectrum of key opinion leadership and clinical development services across global markets.

LNX Research

Lnx Research helps Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology companies to accelerate innovation and speed to market, by applying proprietary technology to find and build powerful thought leadership relationships.

In any field, some individuals and institutions are in key positions, with better access to resources and information. But popularity is not always a true indicator of value in scientific collaboration. Finding the right Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) has traditionally been a difficult process. Lnx Research technology combines social network analysis (SNA) and natural language processing (NLP), providing immediate insights into scientific communities to quickly locate and rank Key Opinion Leaders, Key Centers of Excellence and Key Research Themes. Large and small companies benefit from these strategies, to find ideas, leverage innovations and create collaborations across the entire field of stakeholders.


OpenQ's award-winning solutions bring compliance and efficiency to Life Sciences companies. By easing the ever-increasing burden of compliance, OpenQ’s software and research offerings mean their customers spend less time managing compliance and more time focused on business. OpenQ’s solutions currently support compliance initiatives at 8 of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical and 3 of the Top 5 Medical Device Companies.

TriNet Pharma

TriNet Pharma is an equitable talent sourcing company that provides both permanent and contract solutions as well as professional consulting for Medical, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs. We are dedicated to the development of long-term ethical relationships within the pharmaceutical industry. This practice allows us to be a part of a relevant exchange that in turn enables us to give our clients valuable insights into trends of pharmaceutical sourcing unavailable through traditional sourcing avenues.

We think it’s about time staffing agencies took responsibilty for the service they provide. But admitting the problem isn’t solving it. Let us show you how we plan to do just that.


Within3 is the leading provider of digital collaboration solutions for the healthcare and life sciences markets. Utilizing Within3's proprietary technology, clients can efficiently and effectively engage with healthcare professionals from around the world. Strong support for privacy, regulatory and security standards underpin every implementation. Timely, robust peer-to-peer collaboration yields deeper and more extensive clinical insights, allowing companies to be more responsive and improve market impact while ultimately improving patient outcomes.