2nd Pharmaceutical Research Collaborations

Research collaborations exist at the eye of a storm. On either side, both for-profit pharmaceutical companies and endowment-supported universities and foundations scramble for resources to support their research efforts. However, in the center, scientists work together for the common goal of discovering new treatments, advancing scientific knowledge, and bringing new medicines to market.

The 2nd Pharmaceutical Research Collaborations Summit brings together:

  • Alliance and External Innovation Managers to discuss what types of plans work best to create a mutually beneficial arrangement for all partners
  • Licensing and Intellectual Property Experts to share their views on how their respective companies or institutions manage their intellectual property, and what they expect when it comes to collaborations
  • Scientists to discuss discoveries and innovations that have been achieved within collaborations between universities, large pharmaceutical companies, and small biotechs
  • Investment and Business Development Professionals to review how they identify opportunities where value can be added by funding and contributing to research projects

You will meet professionals from leading universities, research foundations, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies, who have successfully broken down organizational barriers to bring together scientists who collaborate on essential research and discovery. Learn about how their efforts have created new opportunities for all parties involved, most importantly, bringing new medicines to the people who need them 

This year’s event features a pre-conference workshop briefing attendees on the regulatory and legal basics essential to forming a partnership, as well as separate tracks for those interested in learning more about university or Big Pharma based research.

Top Reasons to Attend This Conference

  1. Hear and evaluate how different partnership structures have benefited all the stakeholders
  2. Learn how pharma companies funnel more money to core research competencies by sharing corollary functions such as IT in pre-competitive cooperative groups
  3. Anticipate tensions and problems areas before beginning research projects that integrate organizations with different research procedures and goals, such as universities and big pharmaceutical R&D departments
  4. Ensure that you are ready to benefit from outside discoveries before your competition does
  5. See how leading pharmaceutical companies identify external technologies that can fill gaps in their pipeline development needs

Who Should Attend

From Pharma and Biotech companies, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents of:

  • Clinical Research
  • Business Development
  • External Relations
  • Licensing
  • Alliance Management
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Drug Discovery
  • Project Management
  • Research Projects
  • R&D
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Clinical Programs
  • Strategy
  • M&A

You will also meet representatives from university offices of technology transfer and commercialization