3rd Lean Sigma & Kaizen for Pharma R&D

Pfizer, Merck, Centocor, Solvay, Eli Lilly, Novartis, UCB, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi-Aventis, Millennium, AstraZeneca, Medtronic and More Share R&D Process Improvement Best Practices

At the European Lean Sigma & Kaizen for Pharma R&D event that took place last September in Paris, it was agreed upon that the culture and people within every organization are the key for creating successful applications of process improvement. Substantial improvements in speed, quality and cost within the clinical and development areas have been made because of this. I urge you to join us this March and continue the discussion. Hear presentations from senior-level executives sharing applications of process improvement tools across the life sciences R&D and clinical spectrums. Find out why process improvement has become embedded into company culture and why pharma is so rapidly incorporating Lean and Six Sigma principles into its fabric.

We look forward to another successful program this March and hope you can join us!

Matthew Millman
Conference Director
ExL Pharma - mmillman@exlpharma.com

Kristen Hunter
Team Leader, Production
ExL Pharma

Who Should Attend

This Summit is specifically designed for C-Levels, Department Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers at pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies from the
following departments:

• Clinical/R&D Operations, Research
• Clinical Quality Assurance/Control
• Clinical Outsourcing — Planning and Vendor Management
• Strategic Business Development/Operations
• Project/Study Management/Project Planning
• Clinical Trial Capacity Planning/Management
• Clinical Trial Process Improvement/Enhancement
• Clinical Compliance
• Clinical Safety
• Metrics and Benchmarking Development
• Performance Management
• Global Strategic Operations
• Data Management
• Business Development/Operations
• Strategic Development

This conference is also of interest to:
• Clinical Research Organizations
• Business Process Consultants
• Quality Improvement and Statistics Software Providers
• Academic Clinical Research Institutes
• Six Sigma Project Management Providers