Daniel Ciriano
Medical Director

Daniel Ciriano, Roche Argentina Medical Director and Pharma Development Operations Country Manager has been working for Roche the last 15 years.

Daniel was appointed as CNS Medical Manager in 1993. He took then responsibilities as Health Care Manager, responsible for Health Institution Relationships and formulary reimbursements between 1998 and 2001 when he started his current role as Medical Director.

From June 2006 he shares this position with his responsibilities as PDO Country Head.

Daniel graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1981 in the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine and received postgraduate training in Neurosurgery in "Instituto de Neurocirugía Costa Buero”  Buenos Aires and “Hôpital Neurologique and Neurochirurgical Pierre Wertheimer”, in Lyon, France.

He also received postgraduate education in Epidemiology, Business Administration, Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics.

Involved in Clinical Trial activities since 1998, he is now directing a Post Graduate Clinical Trials Methodology Course in Buenos Aires University . He is an active member in FLACEIS (Foro Latinoamericano de Comités de Etica en Investigación en Salud) and DIA (Drug Information Association)

Married, with two daughters (19 and 22), he enjoys jazz, literature and sports.